Irmler Studio - The Ambitious Beginning 

Modern technology and choice materials are the foundation of our success. Not only is the Irmler Studio an instrument for the ambitious novice, but supervision of manufacture and final quality inspection by a German master craftsman of piano manufacturing guarantee a lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement.


Irmler Europe - The Professional Continuation 

The handcrafted Irmler piano series "Europe" adds a new addition to the range. Thanks to our experienced craftsmen, we are able to provide these handcrafted pianos at unbeatable prices. An Irmler Europe instrument will let you experience the delight of virtuosity and tone for years to come.


Irmler Supreme - A New Generation

The instruments of the Irmler SP Line “Supreme” impress with the breadth of their tonal palate and the subtle refinement of their case styling. The SP line offers handmade upright pianos built with select materials and a superb construction designed by the Blüthner factory in Leipzig, Germany.


Irmler Art Design - A Modern Impression 

The upright pianos of the "Irmler Art Design by René Vindetti" series charm by their extravagance and their clean lines. Pairing light modern aesthetics with the sonorous tones of the Irmler piano sound, Irmler Art Design pianos will fit any modern decor.