The History of Irmler

1818 Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler founded his company in the musical city of Leipzig.  Within a few years his instruments gained great popularity. The old factory required expansion. A nearby area was purchased and new factory including a steam power station was built during the next 5 years. This major investment underlined the growing demand for his instruments in these early years.

1842 Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler invented a new action for grand pianos, which allowed faster repetition and better control compared to the constructions used in these days. In the same year he was honoured by the King of Saxony with the Great Golden Saxony Royal State Medal for his achievements. The highest award of the state of Saxony

1889 The excellent grand pianos gained a wide reputation, which helped to make his instruments very popular outside of the German Empire. Numerous instruments were exported, mainly to the thriving Russian empire and the Scandinavian kingdoms.

1900 Irmler received many awards, such as the Great Golden and the Golden Medal of his Majesty the King of Saxony. He was appointed to carry the official title of purveyor to the Court of his Royal Highness the Duke of Mecklemburg-Schwerin, and his Highness Duke of Anhalt.

1943 Together with the many other piano firms , among them also Blüthner, the factory was bombed and burned down to the ground. The factory buildings ion Leplay Street and the big magazine on Turner Street were completely destroyed. This would normally have been the end of a successful history. But the family soon after World War II decided to start the business again. Under the Russian occupation it was very difficult the re-establish proper buildings suitable for piano making. When Mr. Irmler passed away the family escaped to the west. In 1953 the eastern German administration decided not to continue this great history.

1999 The well known Irmler Piano Company was re-established. Based on the philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Irmler today Irmler Piano GmbH manufactures affordable instruments with an outstanding value to make it possible for everyone to enjoy playing the piano.

Today, the company is thriving due to its fine instruments. A wide selection of the finest finishes is available. The use of noble timber had always been something special, manufactured by hand, selected by fine craftsman. An Irmler creates always an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.